Celebrating 40 Years of Medical Excellence and Going Strong

Established in 1981, CAREPLUS (formerly known as Chye Clinic) is a well-known and reputable clinic in Kuala Lumpur. Strategically nestled in the heart of Kepong, CAREPLUS has served the local community for over 4 decades and has been recognized as one of the best medical service providers specializing in family medicine in Kuala Lumpur and Kepong area.

Serving And Maintaining a Healthier Community

CAREPLUS is the only clinic in Kepong Baru to have a Family Medicine Specialist onboard, making us exceptional. By placing our patients’ well-being first, we provide comprehensive and coordinated care that significantly impacts our patients’ lives. Our patients’ satisfaction empowers and drives us to serve the community by consistently providing the best medical services.

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Dr Chan, Founder of CAREPLUS Clinic

Your Trusted Family Medicine Specialist — CAREPLUS Has More To Offer

Over 40 years of commitment and dedication, CAREPLUS has never failed to deliver first-class health care and services. CAREPLUS has grown and come a long way to become a Family Medicine Specialist clinic highly recognized and recommended by many today.

Not Just An Ordinary Clinic — CAREPLUS Is A Health Home

CAREPLUS is not just an ordinary clinic but a "health home" for you and your family — a warm and welcoming place that offers high-quality medical services regardless of your circumstances, with personalized health care that never strays from our medical principles.

Everyone Deserves Quality Healthcare, Not Just The Rich

Health should not be a privilege for the rich. The right to health belongs to everyone. CAREPLUS was established by a group of reputable and respected doctors headed by Dr. Lee and Dr. Chan to fill the gap in the local community, making healthcare accessible and convenient for everyone.

Our Doctors’ Mission — To Improve The Quality Of Living

CAREPLUS is an initiative taken by a group of highly passionate and compassionate medical professionals to offer primary healthcare to the local community. As the market is saturated with various medical specialties, the over-specialization of our current healthcare system results in patients not getting the necessary attention. Patients with multiple health conditions would end up receiving overall disjointed and suboptimal care.

Let Our Medical Experts Restore Your Health, Physically and Mentally

CAREPLUS is housed by a team of highly-skilled healthcare professionals who take an individualized approach to offer customized medical services to your needs and body conditions. All our doctors are highly skilled, accredited and experts in their respective fields. Moreover, we are the only few clinics in Kuala Lumpur with Family Medicine Specialists registered specialists in the National Specialist Register of Malaysia onboard. So rest assured that you will be in trusted hands.

Keeping You To A
Better Life

Our dream medical team works diligently and conscientiously to provide reliable, effective, comfortable, patient-centred, equitable, integrated, reasonable and efficient care. CAREPLUS strives to be the top family specialist that provides all-rounded care for you and your family across the spectrum of general practice.

Meet CAREPLUS’ Founder Dr Chan —
A Firm Believer in Family Medicine

“Family medicine is all about trust.”

A family physician involves having close personal relationships with their patients, which is an integral part of family medicine. This element of ‘trust’ is what that had saved Dr Chan’s life when he was a child.

The idea of CAREPLUS started with Dr Chan’s personal encounter. Since young, Dr Chan suffered from a childhood disease called "glomerulonephritis", which generally means damage to the tiny filters inside his kidneys. None of the medical specialists in the hospitals could accurately diagnose his conditions until he met a dedicated family doctor.

The family doctor invested his undivided attention and care and finally found the root cause of his deteriorating medical conditions, saving Dr Chan’s life. The family doctor also inspired Dr Chan to study medicine and specialize in family medicine.