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Restore Your Confidence With A Wide Range of Revolutionary Hair Loss Solutions With — The Best Hair Growth Solutions Provider in Malaysia

Your Hair, Our Care. Regrow more natural hair than ever before in a safe, effective and affordable way. At CAREPLUS, we provide clinically proven hair growth treatment that delivers long-lasting results.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Discover Our Result-Proven Hair Growth Treatment That Has Changed The Lives Of Hundreds Of Malaysians…

Are you suffering from hair loss? How did you feel when you first noticed a thinning or receding hairline? Feeling frustrated, irritated and agitated? Followed by a sense of dread, panic and anxiety? Then wondered if there is a solution to help you regain, restore or regrow your hair?

If this is exactly what you’ve experienced, you are not alone. BALDNESS is a source of distress for many men and women. Hair loss doesn’t just change how you look. It can lead to insecurity, lack of confidence and low self-esteem. However, thankfully, there’s a way to address your concerns. Read every word that follows because it will change your life…

At CAREPLUS, we offer a wide range of revolutionary hair loss solutions. Whether redefining your hairline or having the thick head of hair you yearn for, CAREPLUS delivers natural, lasting results.

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Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

We Treat A Wide Range of Hair Loss Concerns

Hair loss (alopecia) is a medical condition. When you have an autoimmune disorder, your immune system attacks your body. In the case of alopecia, your hair follicles are attacked.

Causes: Some of the causes of hair loss include:

  • Genetics (heredity)
  • Medication and supplements
  • Smoking
  • Aging
  • Hormonal changes
  • Excessive hairstyling or bleach
  • Alcoholism
  • Medical conditions
  • Stress
  • Pregnancy

Symptoms: You may notice the following signs of hair loss, such as:

  • Gradual thinning on top of head
  • Patches of scaling that spread over the scalp
  • Circular or patchy bald spots
  • Sudden loosening of hair
  • Receding hairline - O shape/M shape

Hair loss can be temporary or permanent and affect your scalp or even your entire body. Hair loss can’t be cured but can be treated. With the right treatment, your hair can regrow.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Hair Loss Products:
Do They Work?

Can hair loss shampoos tackle hair loss? Yes and no, depending on your concerns, and which stage of hair loss are you at. Some hair loss products contain ingredients that can help tackle hair loss by slowing down or stopping hair thinning and stimulate hair growth, although some scientists aren't quite sure how it works.

However, these products won't be able to rescue a receding hairline and certainly do not cure baldness. You will start losing hair again once you stop using them. And the worse part is that your hair may fall faster than before. Furthermore, some shampoos contain harmful chemicals that help produce lather and could cause you to lose hair.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

You Deserve Nothing But The Best Hair Growth Treatment, Don’t Settle For Less

Truth be told — many hair loss solutions on the market make big promises but deliver dismal results. So often, men and women turn to hair transplants that can cost up to tens of thousands, which can take months to see results, leave scarring on the area where the hair was taken from, and there’s no guarantee your hair won’t fall again…

With so many horror stories coming out of hair loss clinics and beauty salons, it’s okay for you to have doubts. We often get asked, “Is your treatment effective?”

Our answer is always the same, “It’s one of the safest and most effective hair loss solutions on the market.”

At CAREPLUS, we pride ourselves on our safe, low-risk, non-invasive, result-proven and affordable hair loss solutions — at a mere fraction of the cost of hair transplants. Our medical-certified professionals will give you peace of mind and deliver the result you dreamed of.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Our Solutions: The Best Treatments For Hair Regrowth

We provide a wide range of hair growth treatments to meet individual expectations:

Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP)

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss is a simple treatment where a person’s blood is drawn, processed and then injected into the scalp.

This plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, rich in growth factors will signal and stimulate inactive hair follicles and trigger natural hair growth.

Stem Cell Hair Treatment

Stem cells are implanted into the hair follicle so new hair can grow. It can also stimulate inactive hair follicles and rejuvenate damaged hair follicles.

The stem cell hair treatment is an innovative, clinical-proven way of growing new hair naturally and healthily.


Deemed the best oral treatment for men to combat hair loss, Dutasteride is mainly used to fight hair fall. However, it can also be used to regrow hair. Men suffering from male pattern baldness have high levels of dihydrotestosterone or, simply, DHT, a hormone naturally produced by testosterone.

Dutasteride works by blocking the formation of DHT, and hair loss can be significantly reduced. Dutasteride also helps increase scalp hair and fills in balding areas of the scalp.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Here Are 5 Good Reasons Why You Need A Hair Growth Treatment


Avoid Feeling Disfigured And Ashamed For Being Bald

Every bald guy remembers how young he was and how much hair he used to have, the denial and when he finally admitted and accepted the fact that he was going bald. You don’t want to be one of them.


Baldness Assumed The Status Of Terminal Illness

One research published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology shows that a pattern of early male pattern balding has a 40-percent higher risk of developing aggressive cancer, including fatal prostate cancer.


Save Money On Exorbitant Hair Loss Products

Did you calculate the cost you spend a year on hair loss products in the market? Isn’t it better if you could do away with those mediocre products and put that extra money to good use?


Get That Concern Out Of Your Mind For The Rest Of Your Life

ONE treatment is all you need to combat hair loss— the one thing that has been bothering you for the longest time.


Look Young And Fabulous Again

It’s possible to look young and fabulous again without any invasive products. You’ll be amazed at how confident and empowered you’ll feel.

Getting a hair growth treatment has nothing but a positive impact on you and the people around you. We’ll show you how.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Happy Hair, Happy You — Reclaim Your Long-Lost Confidence And Feel Proud Of Your Own Reflection

Did you know that your confidence levels directly affect your work performance, social life and relationships? And we understand that nothing will break your confidence quite like hair loss…

So, it’s not surprising that clients walk out of with bright smiles, feeling great and confident like never before, then thank us for the flow-on effects it had in their everyday lives.

Our medical professionals understand that it’s more than just a hair growth treatment — it’s a way to unleash your youthful confidence and feel great and proud of the person you see in the mirror.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Health Aside, Don’t Let Hair Loss Trigger Your Sadness, Anger And Depression Any Longer

Do you sometimes feel a sense of sadness, anger and depression? If yes, hair loss concerns may be one of the triggering factors without you realizing it. If you are suffering from extreme stress and it is becoming more severe, some dermatologists may even refer you to a psychologist or mental health professional.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications can also be an option for treating depression or anxiety associated with hair loss. However, note that some of these medications also come with a slight risk of hair loss.

So, you shouldn't commence on this never-ending cycle. Instead, get your hair loss concerns treated today. A new hair comes a brighter you, and a brighter future awaits you.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

I was sceptical at first… But I’ve been living a head full of hair for 2 years now, and life has never been better!

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Not All Hair Growth Treatments Are The Same

FYI, not all hair growth treatments are the same. Unfortunately, some clinics will use harsh products and ineffective equipment and offer treatment conducted by non-medically trained staff. What’s worse, some clinics are not certified hair specialists or could even be unlicensed beauty salons.

At CAREPLUS, we are a certified and licensed hair specialist and use only clinical-proven technologies to deliver flawless results. Don't risk your health and life going to unlicensed or uncertified clinics.

Get in touch with CAREPLUS today. We can help you resolve your hair thinning or balding issue and regrow healthy, thicker hair. You will be amazed by your new luscious, long-lasting hair.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

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Join the club, and you will love how much healthier (and younger) you feel.

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

3 Simple Steps To Kiss Hair Loss Goodbye Forever

Book a hair loss consultation with us today
  • Stop feeling ashamed and having low self-esteem
  • Enough being assumed the status of medical conditions
Undergo a hair growth treatment recommended by our medical professionals
  • Get the head full of hair you’ve always dreamed of
  • Look young and fabulous again
Consume CAREPLUS customized hair growth supplement
  • Result guaranteed in 100 days
  • Close the chapter on hair loss and reboot your life with a head full of hair

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Get CAREPLUS Customized Hair Growth Supplement For Only RM470.00 — Result Guaranteed In 100 days

Hair loss is an issue that many people are struggling with, whether male or female. If this issue has been bothering you for the longest time, this supplement is for you.

At CAREPLUS, we take pride in our customized supplement and offer a whole new hair growth supplement, with results guaranteed in 100 days. Our proprietary blend of ingredients were specially selected by a team of medical experts.

In just 100 days, you’ll see real progress and feel the difference in your hair. You'll be on your way to regrowing healthier, thicker, luscious hair and look years younger than you could have ever imagined!

Get Your Confidence Back With Thicker, Healthier Hair Today!

Unlocking Confidence:
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Evidence of successful hair growth treatment
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Our holistic hair growth treatment approach to hair loss is what sets us apart from our competitors. Instead of offering you a one-size-fits-all hair growth treatment and sending you on your way, we take time to understand the root cause of your situation and recommend solutions that suit your needs.

Book your FREE, 30-minute hair grow consultation, and we’ll show you exactly how our hair growth treatment will give you a whole new, natural-looking hair. We’ll explain the ins and outs of the treatment and answer any questions or concerns.

Your decision to stumble upon this page is your first step toward regaining thick and healthy hair. You are merely one step away from restoring your youth and confidence with the right resources.

All you need is a reliable, safe, low-risk, non-invasive, result-proven, affordable hair growth treatment to change your life. Achieve incredible results with CAREPLUS in the shortest time possible.

Your journey to closing the chapter on hair grow starts today. Reboot your life with a head full of hair in the shortest time possible, without years of suffering, depression and trial and error it usually takes.

Claim your FREE no-obligation 30-minute hair growth consultation and commence your personalized hair growth treatment journey today!

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